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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
- Unknown








Let me tell you a little bit about us...I'm Toni, my husband is Aaron and we have two beautiful girls, Gracyn and Aryanne.  Aaron and I both grew up in Iowa on farms with big and small animals, farm ground and are happy to be raising our family on an acreage in Iowa.   We raise top quality Australian Shepherds that are AKC or AKC/ASCA.  All of our dogs have champion working pedigrees or champion conformation pedigrees.
I fell in love with the aussies about over 20 years ago when I managed a horse barn.  I love how loyal, passionate, trustworthy, beautiful, smart and compatible they are.
I once read that they are the "Velcro" dog, that couldn't be better said about this breed, they are always by your side!  These dogs are  adaptable to both inside and out.  They will love being part of your family whether with children or adults.

In 2019 I made the decision to quit my career and started to be home full time.  Having a family, puppies/dogs, horses and carriage business and trucking company, we stay busy but we wouldn't want it any other way.  We want to make sure we are dedicated to our program and making sure we provide the best.  Born in our home, hands on from the time of birth.

ALL our dogs are part of the family and are played with daily by our children, us and our friends and family who come to visit!  You can see that in our dogs' personalities!

We are licensed with the USDA, State of Iowa and AKC.  To be able to get this accomplishment they all inspect my kennel, dog and puppy records, paper records, ask for proof or paper trail and also have to have vet checks and vet inspection done!  It's a very tiring and trialing goal but it's done and SO glad I did it!!  I want to make sure that you feel confident and comfortable about adding one of TAGA babies to your family. 

In 2020 we started to add Shire draft horses and Yorkshire Terries to our farm and program. 

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Some of the continuing education or programs I have done.


They think they are the lucky ones, little do they know, I am.




1 hour west of Des Moines

1.5 hours east of Omaha

4 hours north of Kansas City

4.5 hours south of Minneapolis


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The health of our dogs and puppies is important to us so we take every precaution to protect them, with that said, we are a closed kennel.

Unfortunately young puppies don’t have fully developed immune systems and are susceptible to life threatening illnesses, including Parvo.

When diseases like Parvo strike, they can kill a whole litter in a matter of hours. Disease germs can be carried on people’s clothing and shoes and even your car tires.

For this reason, we ask that you “visit” us online rather than in person, so that you may safely see our dogs and watch our puppies grow. We photograph our puppies regularly, and post the photos on the available puppies page.  We also send weekly photos to the people on our reserve list with little updates on how puppies are doing.  Sometimes we share a sweet story or two about them.  

When we meet you for pick up of your puppy we ask that you do not  go places where there may have been dogs who you don’t know (pet stores, parks, rest areas, vet clinics, etc).  

Thank you for helping us protect the health of our puppies!

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