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Welcome to TAGA Shires

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Over 25 Years of Equine Experience

hi! My name is Toni!

I have had horses all of my life. I have had anything from mini to a draft horse, all different breeds but have fallen for the Shires.  No other breed is as gentle, loyal, quiet and wanting to please.  I have had, raised and trained drafts for around 15 years.  My ol boy "Trigger" that started this whole addiction was 9 months old when I purchased him.  He is now 20 in 2021.  He is the biggest baby sitter and has taught my kids what horse love and horse addiction is.  ;)

We got back into the shires in 2020, adding several horses to the farm from across the country.  Started our carriage business with "Trigger" in 2020 as well.  We are for hire for your special events.

2021 we had a filly that was born and have rebred for 2022. Look forward to keeping you updated!

There's No Place like Home

Since 2020, the family is all hands on. 
Our youngest daughter Aryanne, works and claims our up and coming stallion, Jaxx.  Trigger, when it comes to riding.

Gracyn, our oldest has decided she is taking over Rosie when it comes to riding.

Aaron, my husband, has his filly, Rita.  She is only 2 so ground working and manners are being taught.

So, that leaves me with Cadi and Cami.  Cadi is the daughter to Rosie.  Cami is Cadi's daughter that was born in 2021.  We will be keeping her for future broodmare as well as showing/driving.

Aaron is a HUGE help here.  He is the one who trims all the horses, ultrasounds and continues to learn and grow in areas he never thought he would.

We hope to be out and about in the shows to see and meet more of you or maybe we will see you at a local gig.  Here's to our journey and I hope you join us on this ride.  We do have a Facebook page, TAGA Shires, please like, share and follow.

If you are looking for an Australian Shepherd, please like, follow and share our Facebook page, TAGA Aussies and Nutrition.  Click TAGA Aussies to be taken to our dog site.

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