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“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”– Orhan Pamuk

Welcome to TAGA Ranch!

   Here at TAGA Ranch we take great pride in our dogs - we want to make sure we have the quality, temperament, beauty and the brains in our dogs.  Yes, we compete in conformation but we have several of our fur babies in homes that use them for herding, agility, rally, barn hunts, conformation, therapy, few breeding programs and last but the most important, family homes.

    We are currently State of Iowa, AKC, USDA licensed and inspected with follow ups as well as kennel checked and approved by a state of Iowa veterinarian. 

   We want to make sure you feel confident in the process of adding a TAGA baby to your family.  We do require a phone conversation and an application process because these fur babies are our priority, their futures are in our hands and when they are born they get a piece of our heart just like they give us a piece of theirs.  The application must be filled out prior to our visit and we want to make sure that you are as serious about our babies as we are.  If we have no puppies available, we can always discuss adding you to our waiting list.

Not only do you get an amazing companion from TAGA Aussies and Nutrition but your puppy also come with at pick up as long as you are paying full price...

      * 7 year health guarantee on our nutritional plan
      * Toy or blanket smelling like us and their mom, this helps with the transition from our place to yours

      * Spay/Neuter contract - NO BREEDING

      * Health check and paperwork from our vet

      * Current shot and de-worming information 

      * Informational articles that we feel are important things to know

      * We raise using Puppy Culture training starting at a very early age of 3 days old

      * Microchipped with Fi Nano and paperwork

      * Fi Nano GPS collar with paperwork - plan not included

      * Tails and Declaws removed

      * We offer a lifetime of support from us

      * Lifetime re homing from us if needed

      * A really nice reusable bag that includes items listed above

If you have questions, let me know.  I am here to help you find your perfect fur baby and to make sure we have the best fit for you, your family and your lifestyle.  Money is not refundable but is transferable for a year.

Website up to date as of 10/10/23 - we try to update on Mondays
These dogs are currently available


All our puppies are the same price. 
- Quality isn't in color or eye color -
Quality comes from pedigree, genetics, health testing, training, nutrition.

Available puppies are listed below.
We can meet at Des Moines, Ames or Omaha.
Can ship via air, ground or flight nanny.  Shipping has gone up like everything.
Deposit of $500 holds the puppy.  Deposit goes toward total price.

Money is not refundable but is transferable for a year!

Date of Birth - 9.2.23
Ready 10.28.23
Starting at
$3500 - click "Apply Now"


No current puppies available.
We are looking to sell our Yorkie program. 
3 males ~ 5 females
Embark tested.
Most are Russian imports. 
DNA kits as well.  OFA pattellas completed.


The health of our dogs and puppies is important to us so we take every precaution to protect them, with that said, we are a closed kennel.

Unfortunately young puppies don’t have fully developed immune systems and are susceptible to life threatening illnesses, including Parvo.

When diseases like Parvo strike, they can kill a whole litter in a matter of hours. Disease germs can be carried on people’s clothing and shoes and even your car tires.

For this reason, we ask that you “visit” us online rather than in person, so that you may safely see our dogs and watch our puppies grow. We photograph our puppies regularly, and post the photos on the available puppies page.  We also send weekly photos to the people on our reserve list with little updates on how puppies are doing.  Sometimes we share a sweet story or two about them.  

When we meet you for pick up of your puppy we ask that you do not  go places where there may have been dogs who you don’t know (pet stores, parks, rest areas, vet clinics, etc).  

Thank you for helping us protect the health of our puppies!

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