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TAGA Shires

This is our Shire Draft horse page. It's great opportunity for our family to add this rare breed that I have been blessed to own for 20 years, but my family just getting started in 2020.   We have started to raise high quality ASHA shires with the old style build.  We have been truly blessed to work with quality breeders

from all over the country to help start our journey. 


Our mission is to help the shire not just in quality but as well as getting this amazing breed the acknowledged they need and deserve.  This breed has been on the endangered species list and since I was a young girl, wanted to help them advance.  Not just in existence but in quality.



Our vision is to get people more exposed to this breed and see that they are truly gentle giants that just want your heart.
We train, ride and have started a carriage company for special occasions. 

horses by barn.jpg

From left to right:
Jaxx with Aryanne, Rita with Aaron, Trigger with Gracyn,
Rosie and Cami with Toni

horse and carriage.jpg

Trigger and Toni with our carriage.

To find out more about our shires, please click 

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